ICON Primary clutch - Polaris 1000
3P Clutching & Tuning ICON Primary clutch - Polaris 1000 $900.00
ICON - the revolutionary new primary by 3P!!  We set to build a durable, cost effective cast primary and ended up with what time might prove to be the strongest, most durable clutch on the market.  The OEM Polaris clutch is a solid setup for average riders, but once it fail wouldn't you prefer to upgrade without spending a fortune?  Sure there are cheap, China knock of clutch options but who wants a subpar OEM copy that will likely leave you stranded when you need it the most?  Check out all of the improvements we are bringing to the table with the ICON!! FORGED SPIDER -  Without a doubt the  strongest spider design on the market with the X and Y loads divided.  The normal method is to have buttons and rollers on 1 arm of the spider creating a failure point since their has to be a hollow pocket for the weight to swing through during shift.  By splitting this up, we created a near indestructible spider design! ROLLERS - Composite rollers made from a high temp material to withstand heat and pressure for a much longer duration than OEM for high mileage application.  The OEM roller fiber material will fall apart after a little wear causing shifting issues and grooving the ramp of the flyweight.  These composite rollers will take miles and miles of heat and pressure before they have enough wear to give any trouble.  They are made from the same material as the spider buttons.  VACUUM CAST SHEAVES - By using a vacuum cast you almost eliminate porosity in the casting.  It is a more expensive method but creates a higher density product that is durable and easy to balance.  By increasing this density we reduce stress points and decrease the effort required to balance the assembly.   STATIONARY SHEAVE - The fixed sheave has a larger hub around the post to prevent the cracking that happens on the OEM units.  To further strengthen the fixed sheave, we added a ring around the diameter of the sheave that acts as a retainer to keep the sheave from expanding and cracking.  No more splitting from post to outside and flying apart in your clutch cover like the OEM primaries.   SLIDING SHEAVE - The movable sheave has massive towers to help contain the stress of high rpm applications.  At high rpm, inertia wants to rip the movable sheave apart and our design is much stronger than stock.  The cover plate is also shouldered to help retain the movable sheave towers during the high inertia loads.  We also have more material near the ID of the sheave to increase strength where the majority of the high torque stress loads occur.   CLUTCH POST - You will notice a thin spacer next to the bearing on the clutch post.  This is because we extended the post at its shear point pushing the bearing surface away from the face of the fixed sheave.  This gives us an increased resistance to cracking/breaking for higher horsepower applications.   BALANCING - The clutch components are individually balanced and then the final assembly balanced.  This gives us the most complete, accurate balancing process that ensures you will have a smooth running clutch for a long time! Can be purchased empty or loaded with our weight kit.  You can use your factory weights/spring or if you have a clutch kit from your favorite clutch company they will bolt right in as well.  Of course we are partial to our weight designs but we understand that you may be happy with your current setup and just need a stronger designed clutch to pair with it.  No problem! This clutch design has been in the field for durability testing for over 2 years so rest assured, it is the best of the best!